How to Create a Safe Senders List in Gmail

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Some days back I lost one of my domain as I missed to renew it. This happened because I did not read the reminder emails from my domain registrar as all those emails went to my spam folders by Gmail and hardly I check my spam folders. Now I regret why din’t I create a safe senders list in Gmail. Before the same thing happens with you, you must create a safe senders list in your email account. The domains or email addresses mentioned in the safe senders list will never go to your spam folder. So lets see how you can avoid this type of accidents by creating a safe senders list.

How to Create a Safe Senders List in Gmail

Safe senders list is a list of domains and email addresses that you want to receive emails from without any hassle. If you get any emails from one of them then it will never go into spam folder.

You can create a safe senders list in 3 different ways as mentioned below:

  1. For a top level domain(.com,.net,.edu etc)
  2. For a domain name(, etc)
  3. For an email address ([email protected], [email protected] etc)

There are other ways of creating a safe senders list, but we will only concentrate on the above 3 as this is the safest method.

Step1: Login to your Gmail account and navigate to Settings. (You can click the gear icon on right top corner).

Step2: Now click on the Filters menu and click on the create new filter. You can find the option at the bottom of the Filter settings page.

Step3: Enter the lop level domain, domain name or the email address in the From field and click on “Create new filter with this search”.

create a safe senders list in gmail

Step4: In the next screen select the check box marked as “Never send it to Spam” and click on create filter.

create a safe senders list in gmail

That’s all now you have successfully created a white list or safe senders list in Gmail. The same way you can create as many as white list you want.

Another way of adding an email address to white list is to add that email address to your contact so that the mails from that address will never go to spam folder.

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