How To Create An Email Group In Gmail

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With contact group you can easily send emails to a specific group of people and it becomes easy to maintain your contacts. For example if you have 20 friends who are very close to you then you can create an email group in Gmail called “close friends” and send mail to this group instead of sending mail to each email id. So it helps a lot in managing contacts and sending mails. So lets see how can you create a contact group in Gmail.


How to Create an Email Group in Gmail


Follow the below step by step procedure to create and email group in Gmail.

  1. First of all login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then select Contacts.
  3. Select contacts that you want to add to a group, click the Groups icon. , then click on Create new.create an email group in gmail
  4. Enter the name of the group.
  5. Click OK. 

That’s all. Now your have created your email group. Lets see how do you add contacts to an Email Group.




Adding Emails To an Email Group


  1. Select the contacts in the Contacts list.
  2. Click the Groups button. 
  3. Select the group you’d like to add the contact to, or select Create new to create a new group.
  4. If you have multiple addresses saved for a contact, you can choose which address should belong to the contact group by opening the contact and clicking the small arrow next to the group you’d like to modify. 

That’s all, this is the way how you create a contact group in Gmail. If you want to know how to recall en email in Gmail


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