How To Create Colorful QR Codes

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QR codes have become very popular and used everywhere now days. With the increasing popularity of QR codes, the online QR code generator services have also increased. Perhaps there are dozens of tools and online services which generates QR codes for you. But all these QR codes generated are black and white. So how to generate colorful QR codes?

Create Colorful QR Codes


If you want to generate colorful QR codes then will do the job for you. With this tool you can create QR codes with color gradient and you can also change the background color. The most important part of this tool is that you can QR Code for any type like email, phone number, SMS etc. 


A note of caution while selecting colors:  

Contrast between light and dark areas must be strong enough – a ratio greater than 4:1. NB: some readers cannot decode inverted (white on black) QR codes. Furthermore, some QR code readers cannot decode inverted (white on black) QR Codes. Before publishing your QR code test it with a QR code reader.


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