How To Enable The New Gmail Tabs Inbox

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Gmail has recently released the new Gmail tabs inbox feature which lets you filter your email in a better way. Now you can separate your primary inbox emails from emails from social media, promotional emails, subscription email etc. in a much more efficient manner than before.

In Gmail we already have filtering features like labels, archives, stars, and priority inbox and all of them are very unique and works very well. But this new Gmail tabs inbox is way better than other features. So how to go you get this Gmail tabs? Lets see!!!!!!


Steps to Enable Gmail Tabs Inbox


Till now Gmail Tabs Inbox is not enabled by default for users, it needs to be enabled if you want to use this Tabs Inbox feature. Lets start and see how to enable Tabs Inbox for Gmail.


Step 1: Login to your Gmail account using your user id and password.


Step 2: After successful login, click on the settings icon, the geared icon, (You can find it on top right corner of your Gmail dashboard) and then click on configure Inbox.


Step3: Now a big popup alert will ask you which tabs would you like to enable. This popup will also deiplay possible email sender under whose emails will fall under the selected tabs. Select the required tabs and then click on save to save the option.



Now everything is done, once it is saved your Gmail dashboard will be reloaded with the new tabs inbox as shown below.


One more feature is that these tabs also show the alert for new incoming email. Hope you will enjoy the new Gmail tabs inbox. I am not sure how many of us will like it but I am pretty sure that this feature is going to help a lot to Gmail users. If you want to know how to delete gmail account permanently then read this: How to Delete Gmail Account permanently


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