How to Install WordPress Plugin – An Easy Guide

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WordPress is a complete blogging pack which is widely used over the world. When you start using wordpress as your blogging platform you will need some technical information about using wordpress and its features. One of such feature is plugins and every blogger should know how to install wordpress plugin. In this article we shall walk through easier steps to install a wordpress plugin.


How to install wordpress plugin


There are two ways of installing a plugin to wordpress:

            1. Plugin Install via Admin Dashboard

            2. Plugin Install by FTP 

Both of the above two methods works well in installing and activating a wordpress plugin. Dashboard method of plugin installation is commonly used if you are installing a plugin from wordpress repository. If the plugin comes from other resources than wordpress then both of the above method can be used.  So let’s see how you can use these two methods to install a plugin.


Plugin Install via Admin Dashboard


WordPress dashboard is one of the best and easiest ways to install plugins. You can search the wordpress plugins repository from the dashboard and install them easily. First of all login to your wordpress blog with the admin user. After successful login, go to Plugins->Add New that you can find on the left navigation panel. On the search box you can enter the name of the plugin and it will show you the available plugins.

Then from the list select your plugin and click on the “Install now” link. That’s all now your plugin will be installed automatically. After successful installation you can activate the plugin directly.

Install WordPress Plugins


Second Method: If you have downloaded the plugin from any other source click on the Upload link on the top and install the plugin from your local disk.


Plugin Install via FTP  


This method is very useful when you cannot install plugin using WP dashboard. First of all download the plugin to your local system then upload the zip file to the wordpress plugins directory and unzip it. You can find the plugins directory under wp-content/plugins. After successful installation you can activate the plugin from the admin dashboard. If you do not have FTP access, you can use your CPanel to upload the plugin to the directory.

Using the above methods you can easily install any wordpress plugins on your blog.

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