How to Permanently Remove a Gmail Account

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Gmail, the email service from Google is one of the best free email service provider in the world. Due to the simplicity and great features Gmail has become the most popular email service. If you are using Gmail and at some point of time you wish to delete your Gmail account then what? Need not worry, Gmail provides this feature but you need to know where to do what. Let’s see how you can delete your Gmail account permanently.

Steps To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

STEP1: Login to your Gmail account and look for the gear icon at right corner of your browser. Click on it, an option will pop out click on the Mail Settings as shown below: 

delete gmail account permanently 

STEP2: Now you can see the settings page, click on the Accounts and Import tab and then click on the Other Google Account settings link as shown below: It will open a new window. 

remove your gmail account permanently  

STEP3: In the new window click on the Edit link Just after the My Products label as shown below: 

Delete Gmail account 

STEP4: Now click on the Remove Gmail permanently link as shown below: 

Delete Gmail account permanently  

STEP5: Now you can see the final page for account removal. Just select the check box against Are you sure you want to delete [email protected]? Provide your password and click on Remove Gmail button and done. 

Delete Gmail account permanently  

That’s all you are done with it. Please make sure to read all instructions provided by Google while deleting your account. Alternatively you can directly click on this link to delete your account:


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  1. Kathy says:

    Has something changed since this was written? Steps 1 & 2 went well, but there isn’t a “Edit link Just after the My Products label” on my screed. This post covers exactly what I need to do. Help? Thanks!

  2. Singhrinkydelhi06 says:

    how to delete my gmail Account

  3. M.A.A. says:

    how to delete my gmail Account

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