How to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog – A Better Approach

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I have been trying to share my experience for earning money online with your blog. One of the pioneer ways to earn money from your blog is by affiliate marketing. If you are new to this term please read “What is affiliate marketing and How it Works”. Today in this post I will try to explain how to promote affiliate products on your blog. But before that, you can read Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Niche, to have a better idea of the available affiliate programs.

In affiliate marketing you select a product and promote it and you get your commission with each sell you make. Here are some of the tips which can be followed to be a better affiliate. I have tried to put some of the better ways to promote affiliate products on your blog. So let’s begin the journey.

Tips for Promoting Affiliate Products on your Blog [A Better Approach]

Focus on Establishing your Blog First

I know people who are earning huge ($5000 – $15000 per month) from only affiliate marketing. Off course they do have a very highly established blog and they do get minimum of 5000 visits per day. I am not discouraging anyone by saying so. But it’s a bitter truth that if you want to get more then you have to give more, in terms of time and labor to your blog. So I would suggest all of you to focus on building a quality blog first then think of anything else. At the same time I am not saying that completely forget about the affiliate marketing. While building quality content for your blog you may give a small time to affiliate marketing as well. Work hard on building quality content and build a huge audience base for your blog so that the target of 5K visits per day can be achieved. One more important thing is to build trust with your audience. This can be achieved by complete involvement in replying to your readers queries in comments. Try to be true and not fake.

Once you have a quality blog then you can focus on various ways of promoting affiliate products on your blog, below are some of the best tips for promoting affiliate products on your blog.

Find the Suitable affiliate Product for your Blog

First step in doing a better affiliate marketing is finding a suitable product for your blog. This is very important as the success of your affiliate product promotion completely depends on the product you are promoting on your blog. I mean to say here find a product that suits your blog niche. For example if you have a blog which publishes articles on computer securities, then you should select a computer security product to promote on your blog. This will make sure that the promotion is targeted to the target audience and the conversion rate will be high. So select the affiliate product wisely.

Do a Proper research on the Affiliate Product you have selected

Having a good knowledge on the product you are promoting is the most important part of promoting affiliate products on your blog. If you do not have correct information about the product how can you convince your audience? So do a proper research on the product and try to highlight them while promoting the product.

Do a Keyword Research

Doing the keyword research is also an important job if you are writing review and promoting the product. So you need to target an appropriate keyword if you are writing the review. If you don’t do the proper keyword research then chances getting success will become very low.

Now comes the actual way of promoting the product, here I am going to explain the ways I follow. However there are several other ways suggested by others.

Write a Review Post

When it comes to promoting any product, review articles are the great ideas. Nothing can beat the review article if it is written properly. If you are new to affiliate marketing then I would suggest you to start with writing the review about the product. Put your opinion and reviews very fair. This will help the readers in understanding the product and your idea better. At the same time put some good guidelines about the product so that your readers can understand how to use the product.

Below are some of tips in writing a review:

  • Use The product First: Write the review about the product which you already have used or you are going to use it.
  • Write Honest Review: Be honest to yourself while writing the review. Present all review results very honestly, this will increase the trust level between your readers and you. So write both the pros and cons of the product honestly. Do not think that if I write the downside of the product no one will be interested in it. But let me tell you one thing no product in this world is perfect. So be honest.
  • Write In Personal Tone: You have to write the review in personal tone as it affects a lot. The review should reflect that you already have used the product and you are writing your own experience with the product.

Write How To Articles

As of my experience how to guides drive a lot of traffic to any blog. Most of the people search for some guidelines to use a particular product or some of its functionality. None of us are 100% perfect in using a product, hence one may know a bit of it and other may know another bit of it.

So it’s a best idea to write some “how to” articles on the product and publish them. You can write a guideline about the product which comes handy for the readers. How to articles always help in improving your search engine rankings as well. So it is always a win-win situation.

Promotion within the Blog Posts

You can always promote your affiliate products within related blog posts but inserting a link to the affiliate product. But remember the post should be relevant to the product. For example if there is a post about Best WordPress Theme then at the end of the post you can insert a Recommendation Note, where you can mention I recommend so and so WordPress theme having your affiliate link.

Put Banner Advertisement on Sidebars

Sidebar Banner advertisements work great if your are getting targeted audience to your blog. So it is not a bad idea to put banner advertisements on your side bars if you are getting targeted audiences.


  • Never put lots of banners on your sidebars, it creates confusion and looks messy as well.
  • Never put similar banner: You create confusion among your readers by putting similar product banners. Readers will be confused which one to buy and it may end up with no purchase. So don’t put similar product banners together.

Take Advantage of Featured Posts

You must take the advantage of WordPress featured post features. Featured posts are the posts which stay alive on your home page for a specified time period and is highlighted in such a way that it catches visitors eye easily. So what you can do is just make your review article as a featured post and let it be there for a long period of time. Believe me you can see immediate difference.

Now the question is how to implement this featured post? The answer is simple, featured post plugins. Even some of the WordPress themes have inbuilt featured post functionality support. So before installing a featured post plugin just check your theme for featured post functionality.

Use Coupon Codes

Most of the affiliate programs offer the use of coupon codes for their affiliates. That means an affiliate can generate discount coupon codes for their visitors. So in certain interval of time period you can generate the maximum discount coupon codes and promote them on your blog. Most of the online buyers search for discount codes before purchasing something online, so you should post discount codes in your specific posts for that product and keep doing it in some interval of time. For example you can write a monthly post titled as “Discount Coupon Code for XYZ WordPress hosting for the month of August 2014”. This brings lots of targeted traffic and finally the conversion rate increases.

So here are some of the proven ways of promoting an affiliate product on a blog. Hope this guide will help you starting your own affiliate product promotion. If you are using some different way to promote your affiliate product please share them with us in your comments.


+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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