How To Read QR Code Without Cell Phone

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Now a days QR codes are commonly used everywhere to share information through a small image. Generally these QR codes are meant for the mobile devices as the mobile devices can decode the QR code and show the information contained in the code. But there may be some scenario where you have a cellphone which does not have a QR code reader and you want to decode a QR code, so what to do, how to read QR code without a cell phone? 

So here is a solution to read QR code without using mobile device that to directly from your Chrome browser, QReader chrome extension allows you to read any QR code right from your chrome browser. Once you install the QReader you can read any QR code just with a right click of your mouse.


How to Use QReader


  • Right click on the QR code image and select “Read QR from image” from the menu
  • If the QR code is a text you can see the text on a prompt box and click ok to copy to clipboard and if the QR code is a link it will open the URL in a new tab.
How to read qr code without cell phone
You can try the QReader with these below QR codes, one of them is a link and another one is some text, so find which one is what.
Jafaloo QR Code
 QR Code


What if you don’t use Chrome?


If you don’t use chrome then you can use ZXing Online Decoder to read any QR code. Either you can upload the QR code image or you can enter the URL of the QR code image to decode it.

ZXing Decoder Online


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    Jump to Cell phone cameras‎: While cell phone cameras without auto-focus are not ideal for … as QR Codes and Data Matrix codes which can be read.

  2. Murad Beybalaev says:

    I expected to find a braincracking tutorial on how to read QR codes with your own eyes and brain without the help of any electronics.

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