How to Recover From Google Penguin Update

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In recent past most of the websites got affected with respect to the web traffic and some of them drastically shifted to the bottom in the search engine result page. Yes you guessed it correct, it was the Penguin effect (New Google Penguin algorithm) that affected thousands of websites. According to Google the so called Penguin algo will help in preventing web spamming. If you are a victim of the Penguin effect then you are not alone millions of websites have got affected and all of them are struggling to get back to the normal position again.


Although Peguine was introduced to attack the web spammers but unfortunately some of the legitimate webmasters have also been affected badly. This piece of algorithm from Google was not able to distinguish between the real web spamers and the legitimate web masters. Some cases have come into pcture where the culprits are left untouched and the safe sites have got affected. So if you are one of the victims then here are some of the remedies which may help you in getting back to the normal position.


How to Recover from Google Penguin Updates
  • Avoid Paid Text Links: Always try to avoid paid text links to raise your page rank and search rank. These paid text links are really harmful. Even if you have used some paid text links then go ahead and remove them asap. Paid text inks falls as a victim to Penguin very easily.


  • Site links: Be careful with the site links on your website because you if have an outbound link to a website which falls under Penguin then easily you are going to be a victim. If any links on your website are targeting to a Penguin hit site then you are automatically welcoming Penguin your home. I know its hard to find out which are Penguin target but with a little or more work you should be able to find out those links. As soon as you find these links remove them.


  • Guest Posts: Generally people do guest posting to get the juice of SEO as the site owner allows a link back to the author’s website. So if you are allowing guest posts on your website then you need to be very careful about them. Before publishing the post review it properly and think twice if the post is really an authentic one.
  • For the people who do guest posting on other websites: In case you are writing guest posts on other websites to get some links then make sure that the particular website is a Penguin targeted otherwise your website may be into trouble.


  • Comment Spamming: Spamming through comments is the most common thing that happens on internet. You should always take care of spam keywords in the comments in other words you should have more control over your comment system. It is advisable to use a third party comment system like Disqus which is more capable of finding spamming comments. 
  • While commenting on other blogs: You should be very careful while commenting on other websites as you leave a link to your website also. You need to be careful whether the website is a web spammer, if it is then do not leave your web link or do not comment. If you comment then easily you are welcoming the Penguin. You should not try to spam other website to gain cheap SEO, you will hurt yourself.


  • Remove Pages That were Made for Search Engines: These were your money making tricks but now these pages will cost you more. So get rid of those pages and remove all of them.


  • De-Optimize Your Website: You might have optimized your website a little more or heavily more, if so then its time to start focusing on de-optimizing it so that your keywords are properly used, Focus on internal link building properly and dont do it over the limit.


  • Increase Good Quality Links to Your Website: Here don’t get confused by referring to the increase of Links to your website, here I mentioned Good Quality links so that it will balance the previous bad and poor back links. This process is only to balance the over all back link quality.


  • Do Not Use Low Quality Link Directories: If you have been using “SEO friendly” blog directories then now the time has come that you stop using them. Use of Low Quality Link Directories will welcome the Penguin to your home.


  • Fix is going to be Never Ending: You never know how much time will it take to regain to the original position, it may take 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or it may never. But it is worth giving a try to resolve issues with the links. Try to find out all those links which are already targeted. The easy one is to find out all poor quality back links and try to remove them an the other one is find out all the back links which are having same anchor text and try to remove them, I know the job is very difficult, that is why I said it is a never ending process and you do not have full control over it.


  • It is Easier to Start Over: If you have been targeted then I would say go ahead and start it from scratch again, because I personally feel that it is easier to start over again than to resolve all issues if you are black listed.
  • To start with a new one just purchase a new domain which was never registered and start with it. But do not make the mistake of putting everything on it exactly like you have it on the old domain and redirect the old domain to the new domain. What you need to do is just ignore the old domain and start from scratch everything with quality. I know this is difficult but perhaps easier than recovering from blacklisted.



Reporting Form for Reconsideration

If you think that you have not done anything wrong and you have never used any cheap SEO techniques but still than your website has been affected badly then let me tell you you are not the only one who is thinking so and there are many other webmasters who are thinking the same. In that case you may fill the penguin reconsideration form and try your luck. But there is no guarantee that you will regain your original position. This is just to indicate Google that you are unfairly affected by the penguin update and if you have a good luck you may get back your original position after reconsideration.


Reporting The Spam

There might be cases where your competitor may misuse your links to put you in trouble, they may spam other website with your links. So if you are finding such instances you may report Google through the spamming report form.


I hope you enjoyed reading the article and it helps you in some manner. If you have any other suggestion regarding Penguin please leave your comment here so that everybody learns from it. If you are struggling with Google Panda Update then 4 Factor that will help you in Google Panda Effect may help you in recovery.


+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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    I’ve been doing a lot of webinars on how to recover from the penalty made by the recent sweep by Google. I must say this article is true to the point, nicely presented & with substance. More power!

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