How to Remove Password From PDF File – A Free Solution

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Now a days protecting PDF files with password is very common. Important PDF files are made secured with passwords. As a common fact most of us must be having bunch of password protected PDF files on our system and believe me entering the password every time is not at all a convenient way. So how to remove password from a PDF file? I faced the same problem when it was required to send some PDF files to an official and for all the files providing the password was bit inconvenient. Then I tried to find tools which could remove passwords from my PDF files. So lets see the process of removing passwords from PDF files. 

How to Remove Password From PDF file

There are bunch of tools to remove password from a PDF file, but here I am considering the free tool for Windows platform which can make your task easier: 1. BeCyPDFMetaEdit

This tool is a free tool and works really great. So let’s see what you need to do.

First of all download the tool here. You can directly launch the program there is no need to install the program, however the tool also comes with an installer package which you can install on your system. 

Launch the program and it will ask you the location of the PDF file, make sure before providing the location of the PDF file, you select the mode as “Complete Rewrite” then provide the location of the PDF file and enter the password. 

How to remove password from PDF file


Now click on the “Security” tab and select (no encryption) from “Security System” drop down list and click on Save button. Now your PDF file is free from password protection. Alternatively you can click on “Save As” button to create a new PDF file without password and simultaneously you can have the original protected PDF files. 

Remove password from pdf file


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  1. Bert Leen says:

    Hey thanks for sharing this simple and useful tutorial. Recently when i downloaded couple of pdf file from internet, They were password protected. I was trying to figure out how to do that , This simple tutorial helped me to remove my pdf files password. In reply I have share one more idea for solve every issues of pdf file restriction and you want to save you time then use Kernel for PDF restriction removal software to remove all pdf files password protection without any data loss.

  2. kanima says:

    it’s new information about pdf remover
    thanks for shared

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