How to Search Images by Exact Size on Google Image Search

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Google Image provides feature to search for images with exact size. I was able to see this feature on Google Image website sometime back but I am mo more seeing this feature on the website. So now how to search images by exact size?Don’t worry if you are not able to see this feature then there is a way to search images by size.


How to search images by exact size(resolution)?


What you need to do is to pass one extra parameter with the search query. That means you need to pass the parameter imagesize:WIDTHxHEIGHT, you can pass this parameter within the search box after the query. For example you want to search for apple with size 30×30 then you need to type: apple imagesize:30×30 in the search box. This imagesize operator is very useful for finding images of a particular size or resolution. This is very useful when you are searching wallpapers for your desktop, so that you can find exact resolution image.

search images by exact size

Search Images by Exact Size (Resolution) on Google Image Search

Or else, in the search result page you can see the the ‘Search tools’ menu, click on this menu and you can find different image search options. One of these options is “Exactly”, select this and you will see a popup window to enter width and height of the image.  

This operator works very well on mobile version of Google image search as well.


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