How To Set Auto Responder on Gmail

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You are not at home even not at office, perhaps you are on a vacation. How do you manage to reply to your emails if you are on vacation and you do not have access to internet? The situation could be more critical when some of your close friend has sent you an important email and waiting for your response and even your cell phone is out of coverage area. This may create a crack in your relationship with others as the other person thinks that you are ignoring them.

But if you are using Gmail then you can easily come out of this problem by setting the vacation auto-responder on, which does your work by auto replying to the emails you get during vacation with a custom message set by you. This auto-responder let your friends know that you are on a vacation and can not reply to mails.


How to set up an out of office vacation Auto-Reply in Gmail

Setting up an auto responder in Gmail is very easy. Follow the below steps to set up and auto responder in Gmail.

  • Login to you Gmail account and click on the gear icon on the right top menu, then click on ‘Mail settings’.
             Gmail Mail Settings
  • In the General tab under ‘Mail settings’ make sure to turn Vacation responder on.
  • Write appropriate subject and message for the auto respond email, it would be good if you can specify when will you be able to reply to the emails personally or an alternate contact number to contact in case of any emergency could be more convenient.
              Gmail Auto Responder
  • Optionally you can set the start and stop date for the auto responder in Gmail.
  • Click on Save settings

That’s all you have successfully set the auto responder or auto reply for your Gmail account. Now you can have a nice vacation without any worry about your email response. 


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