How to Share Gmail Inbox with Others without Revealing Your Password

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There are instances where you may need to share your Gmail inbox with your friends or family members to share some emails. But is it safe to share your Gmail password, obviously not. You would never like to share your Gmail account password with anybody due to security reasons. Then how will you share your Gmail inbox with your friends or family members?

Gmail offers a feature called Email Delegation which enables you to share your inbox with others without revealing your password. If you delegate your Gmail account to someone then that person gets read write access to your Gmail mail box. Whenever they get signed into their Gmail account, they get logged into your Gmail mail box automatically. 

How to enable Email Delegation in Gmail

To share your Gmail mailbox you need to enable Email Delegation in Gmail and to enable Gmail delegation follow the below steps.

Step1: First of all login to your Gmail account.

Step2: After login click on the Option link (The geared icon on top right corner) and then click on the Settings. Now navigate to the Accounts menu by clicking on the tab.

Step3:  At the bottom you can see grant access to your account, there you can add the email id with which you want to share your mailbox. That’s all, now the other person will get an email with a link to accept or reject the request. Once the person accepts the request they can send, delete, and receive emails on your behalf.

gmail email delegation

Word of Caution: Before sharing your mailbox be careful to share it with the person whom you think the faithful one. While entering the email address in email delegation, be careful and double check the email address to avoid any mistakes. However you can delete/disable the delegation at any point of time. 

The best use of Gmail’s Email Delegation – Access multiple account from a single account

Gmail’s email delegation can be best used when you have multiple Gmail accounts and you want to access all the email accounts simultaneously. For example you can grant access from your other Gmail accounts to the primary Gmail account and can access all of your Gmail accounts from a single Gmail account. 


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