How to Take SQL Database Backup and Restore Them with Ease?

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Taking data backups is crucial, whether it be files & folders stored on local drive or database running on connected servers. Manual procedure of taking backups is challenging and requires lot amount of effort as well as time. Moreover, you can’t schedule this activity and have had to take a note or something.

SQLBak is an automated tool that can address all your need specifically for taking backups of SQL server database as well as allows database administrators and support professionals to restore them through remote devices from any location.

Any computer running standard version of SQL database would connected to online dashboard of SQLBak and all the records will then be transferred to any of the available cloud hosting services such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Using the credentials you’ve used while signing up for SQLBak, you can login to your account from any device and then view/manage/restore the database of your choice regardless the location you are in and the browser you’re using.

User data would be highly secured and transferred through 128-Bit SSL encryption between various devices through SQLBak program, installed on client machine.

Download & Install

Manufacturer provide tiny setup file, available for free to download and can be installed on the latest Windows Machine including Windows 8/8.1. This program uses simple and diligently intelligent wizard based steps to configure your computer running copy of SQL database server to the online dashboard of SQLBak.


Using this program is as simple as any other windows program which may have steps combined into one single wizard. It may be no geeky thing for the users with basic computer operating skills and configure everything, either online or offline.


The setup includes few major steps that should be followed carefully and help of developers would be recommended, if you find yourself uncomfortable with configuring any of the settings at online dashboard.

You’ll need to sign up at the SQLBak official website to get the ‘secret key’, needed to be entered during installation. This is to ensure that source computer is the one using that online account. Once the secret key is accepted and confirmation message appears on the desktop window that connection is successful, you’ll now need to proceed at online control panel.


Click on ‘Add Job’ icon available at top right corner, enter the ‘SQL Server Name’ for which, you want to start taking backup. Moreover, choose preferred method to log on SQL server such as ‘Windows Authentication’ or ‘Server Authentication’.


To confirm and ensure that the entered parameters were correct, click on ‘Test SQL Connection’ button at the bottom. After the connection successful message appears, click on ‘Continue’ button. On the next screen, define the location where you want to store backup copy of database such as local drive, FTP location, cloud based online storage service providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage etc.

On the upcoming windows, you can enter your preferred mail ID to get instant notifications about any running issues with the SQL Database connection and fix it immediately. To make your database backup experience even smoother, this tool allows you to schedule the task at any preferred date and time of your choice. Software automatically runs on the background and takes full/differential backup of updated SQL server databases as well as make it ready to be restored at any point of time.


You can reap the benefits of advanced features of automatic database backup for free. Moreover, what else would be better to make everything available online so could you easily access it while sitting on remote locations. This tool can take backup of 2 databases for free and requires minimal investment, if you wish to expand your SQL databases to hundred or even thousand.


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