How to Transfer Domain Name Ownership

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Changing the ownership or transferring the ownership of a domain name is not a very difficult task, but need to know what you have to do in order to transfer domain name ownership to another person. Now you might be thinking why do you need to transfer a domain name ownership? Its very simple, suppose you have purchased a domain and some one else if looking for that domain and are interested in purchasing from you with a good deal. In this case you have to transfer the ownership to them in order to sell the domain. So lets see how to transfer domain name ownership to another person.

Steps to Transfer Domain Name Ownership

Below are simple steps that needs to be followed in order to transfer a domain name to another person.

Step 1

In this example we have used two terms owner and buyer.

Owner: The person who presently holds the ownership of the domain name. (You)

Buyer: The person who wants to buy your domain. The person whom you want to transfer the ownership of your domain.

Step 2

Usually domains are paid for one or more years in advance. Since you are selling your domain to someone else, then the buyer will take over the domain in the middle of the term period. Any remaining time on the domain will not be charged to the buyer. When the domain name comes up for renewal, the buyer must purchase another 1-year or more term prior to the expiration date.

Step 3

If your domain name is registered with NET 4 INDIA LIMITED, for example, then the buyer will need to setup an account with NET 4 INDIA LIMITED. It is best to transfer a domain name between account holders within the same registrar. After that, the buyer can transfer it to another registrar, if they want.

Step 4

You must first disable domain lock or domain protection or else the domain cannot be transferred. You must also disable domain privacy or else you will not receive the email with the authorization link. Finally, please make sure that your email address on file is accurate or else you will not receive the email with the authorization link.

Step 5

To transfer the domain name, the buyer must initiate a Transfer Request. You, the current owner, cannot submit the request.Here are the buyer instructions:  Login to your account. Click on the “Transfer a Domain” link. Enter the domain name that you wish to acquire. Select the option that says you are the person requesting the domain to be transferred to your account and submit the order. There is usually no charge to transfer between accounts.

Step 6

NET 4 INDIA LIMITED will send an e-mail notification to you. It will ask for your approval or authorization to transfer the domain name to the buyer. You have 14 days to respond or else the request will expire and you will retain ownership of the domain name. Follow the instruction in the email and approve the domain transfer request.

Step 7

Once the transfer is approved, the domain ownership will change. The domain name will be removed from your account and will be added to the buyer’s account. You are no longer the domain owner. The buyer is the official account holder and owns the full rights to the domain name.

Congratulations! You have transferred your domain name to another person


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