HTTPS – What is Https? A simple explanation

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What is Https and what does it stand for? Many new comers to internet must have the question in their mind. While surfing the internet you must have come across https in the URL bar of your browser. I am sure at least while logging in to your any of Google account for example Gmail; you must have seen https in the URL bar. So what is this https?


Https and Http defined
  • Http: It stands for Hypertext transfer protocol. Http is the primary protocol for internet.
  • Https: It stands for Hypertext transfer protocol with secured socket layer.

Basically http and https are the protocols for internet communication. Http is the general primary protocol for the internet communication. Https is other protocol which is secured than the http protocol. Https works over a secured socket layer. So whenever any important data transaction or payment is involved over internet then https protocol is used for securing the transaction. Examples of such kind of transactions are online shopping, online payment, online money transfer, Amazon purchase, PayPal money transaction etc. Whenever you login to your online bank account notice the address bar of your browser, you can clearly see the https protocol there.


How does https work?

Working principle of https is very simple. It works on the principle of data encryption and decryption. Whenever a client connects to a server over secured socket layer, https then the data exchange between the client and the server is encrypted. That means the client first encrypts the data and sends to the server and the server also encrypts the data and sends back to the client.

The data sent by the client can only be decrypted by the server and the data sent by the server can only be decrypted by the client. So even if anybody hacks the network they will not be able to decrypt the data, hence your communication over https protocol remains safe from hackers.

So whenever you are doing any important transaction over internet make sure that your browser address bar shows https protocol. Below is a nice video explaining about https and SSL.


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