I Forgot to Sign Out Of Facebook

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Have you ever faced got into the situation where you forgot to sign out of Facebook after using it on your friend’s computer or somewhere in the internet café? The situation could be worst if you forgot to sign out of Facebook in the internet café as chances of getting hacked is 99.99%. This post is all about making you aware of what should you do when you forgot to sign out of Facebook.


What should you do in this situation?


If ever you have got into this situation then you can check your active sessions from Facebook and kill all other sessions from your Facebook settings. First login to your Facebook account and go to “Account settings”. Then from the left navigation menu click on the Security link and now you can find the Active Sessions detail on the bottom of the settings. Click on the Active Sessions and you can see all the sessions that are active. Click on the End activity link for each sessions to close the session. Now you are logged out of Facebook from the system where you forgot to log out.

Remember it is: Account Settings—>Security–>Active Sessions

Some time back I published an article on Tips to secure your Facebook account, you can read it to have some idea about keeping your Facebook account safe and secure.

Chances of not being hacked if you forgot to log out of Facebook in an internet café is very less but this is worth trying before it’s too late.


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