Is the Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Camera a Phone or a Point and Shoot?

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There was a time when the world was craze about point and shoot compact cameras that could take great pictures with easy to use operations. These were light and compact enough to keep with you all the time just like your smartphone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a camera with smartphone functions?  Yes, for people obsessed with photography, who wish to stay connected to the world all the time, Samsung Galaxy camera with mobile connectivity is a boon!

Samsung Galaxy camera

Samsung, the world leader in digital electronics and media technologies recently announced the launch of Android powered Samsung Galaxy camera. The advanced camera unfolds a new era of digital communications with the combination of high performance photography. The new-age camera from Samsung takes the photography to the next level with the latest Android platform. The unique technology never again allows to compromise on picture quality and you can instantly modify, and share photos with the world. 

Samsung Galaxy camera: Design and specifications

Well, you can’t truly run over the fact that Samsung Galaxy camera is not the first Android-based camera in the market. There was a lot of speculation before the release of Samsung Galaxy camera that it might resemble Coolpix S800c from Nikon. Nevertheless, Samsung officially launched the product recently with specs much related to its very own Galaxy S III, with a new concept. The front-portion of the device is a camera with high quality focus lens. The rear panel is identical to that of a Smartphone appearance with a 3G and 4G cellular connectivity along with Wi-Fi.

The camera specs include:

1. A 21x zoom lens with optical touch,

2. A LCD display of 4.8″ clarity and a super bright CMOS sensor with a smart-pro chip.

This technology enables anyone to shoot professional-looking photographs. In addition, you get 8 GB of storage with a slot for micro SD cards. The Samsung Galaxy Camera runs on 4.1 Android operating system version known as ‘Jelly Bean’ and has up to 7 hours of battery life.

The phone, on the rear panel acts much like a Smartphone except voice capabilities. Like most of the Android phones, it has no buttons and all the functions are done over the controls on the touch screen. The camera’s visual image can be adjusted either with a button or with the touch screen.  

Features to expect out of Samsung Galaxy camera

The latest device from Samsung is a hybrid between camera and phone has now reality. The camera/Smartphone concept was envisaged to develop a gadget with outstanding photographic capabilities along with Smartphone features. Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with a SIM card slot, so that you can connect to cell network of your choice as well as to Wi-Fi. Android platform has made the device compatible with several apps, which can be used to make voice and video calls over the network. You can access games, Skype and other content in a sophisticated manner.

The camera boasts of a smart app that lets you edit and share photos with much ease. With the help of photo wizard, you can edit photos in a professional way while on the go. Thanks to the high-end processor and the superior LCD screen clarity, this makes it possible to edit very precisely without any difficulty.

Yet another convenient feature found on the device is the ‘Auto Cloud’ back up function. This a handy feature that saves the photos as soon as they are taken and at the same time allows to share the photos on social networking sites. Samsung Galaxy camera features does not stop here. Check out the official site for more details on the product.

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