Logitech Washable K310 Keyboard – Why Stick to the Traditional Keyboards?

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Have you ever thought which the filthiest object of your office desk is? It is the PC keyboard. Pry off any of the keys of your computer keyboard you have been using for months. You are sure to encounter a mess of dust, dirt, debris and strains. Now, cleaning up of this untidiness is a real tedious task. An easy solution has been discovered by Logitech to free from this hard task.

logitech washable keyboard

Logitech has introduced K310 keyboard, the first washable keyboard in the computer world. Don’t think that Logitech is talking about splash-proof keyboards. This new keyboard can be well emerged into a sinkful of water and scrubbed. Is this sound something unbelievable? Can there be any such device??? Logitech has made the impossible possible – you can clean the keyboard just like the dishes.  

The Precautionary Measures

  • When you are washing this keyboard, be careful to keep its USB connector away from water.

  • After washing the keyboard, leave for drying. Don’t ever use hair dryer for the drying purpose.

The Astounding Features of K310

You may be thinking what makes this newly launched keyboard so unique. It is the drainage holes and the durable design of K310 keyboard that makes it easily washable. This keyboard has UV and laser cut keys so that its imprinted letters don’t get faded after repeated wash. The switches are soggy rubber dome ones rated at 5 million cycles.

Similarly, the entire frame and tilt legs of this keyboard is made thick so that it can survive the force and have resistance against most scratches. Drainage holes present at the bottom of the keyboard enables the water to flush out through this keyboard carrying any grime with it. These holes also dry up the keyboard at a faster pace.

Now, people may opine that Logitech is not the first manufacturer of washable keyboard. There are other competitors as well like Unotron, Kensington and HP. But what makes Logitech distinct from others is the custom-oriented attractive look of its keyboard. The clunky black keyboards of the other companies appear to be manufactured for medical and industrial purposes.

So, if you have the habit of spilling off liquids like Coke or some sticky fluid over the keyboard and scratch your head to find a remedy for cleaning it up easily, go for Logitech K310 right now. Begone are the ages of sticky keyboard and keys, Logitech has changed the concept of using keyboard. This newly developed keyboard has certainly beaten the traditional cleaning method of keyboards.

Washing the entire keyboard under water or pulling of each of the keys and then scrubbing the dust from them – which method will you prefer? The first method without any doubt… What are you waiting for? Grab this unique contemporary keyboard which can very well complement your work space and your PC system.

The best thing about this keyboard is that you do not require to install any software to use it. Just plug this Logitech washable keyboard and use it according to your convenience.

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