Make Your Own 3D Glasses To Watch Youtube 3D Videos

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Everybody wants to check the 3D feature of YouTube but without 3D glasses you can not take the advantage of 3D feature of Youtube, you need to have a pair of 3D glasses to watch these 3D Youtube videos. You can purchase 3D glasses from the market at a very cheap price if you want or else if immediately you need a 3D glass to try out 3D videos on Youtube then I have an option for you, Make your own 3D glasses. It just takes a minute to make your own 3D glasses.


So How to Make Your Own 3D Glasses


First of all let’s see what things you need to make your 3D glasses:

1. Permanent marker pens (Red, Cyan[or Blue])

2. Transparent Plastic (You can use a CD case) or Old spectacles

What Exactly To Do?

All you need to do is cut the transparent plastic into two eye pieces similar to as a spectacle glasses and then color them with the permanent marker pens, remember the right eye glass should be coloured with the blue (or cyan) pen and the left eye glass should be coloured with red color pen.

After finishing coloring you can either fit these eye pieces into some old spectacle frames or make a frame from hard paper and fix these eye pieces to it. 3D Glasses

Alternatively if you have old spectacles which has transparent glasses, you can just colour the right glass with blue (or cyan) color pen and the left glass with the red color pen.

Thats all now your 3D glasses are ready. To test these glasses you can watch some 3D video on Youtube or You can also see these 3D pictures on Picasa.

Note: Use only permanent marker pens other pens may not work properly.


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