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WordPress powers almost 20% of the websites in the world. One of the main reasons behind the success of WordPress is the easy use of plugins to add new functionality. But vast use of plugins can compromise with the performance of your WordPress site where as the wise use of plugins can do exactly the reverse. Here are our top 5 plugins to speed up WordPress site. I would suggest you must use these WordPress plugins to speed up your website.

WP Database Optimizer 

Most of us do not pay attention to cleaning up our database which contains lots of junk data of the past which are not useful anymore. Gradually these data builds up and can cause a drastic performance loss. 

WP Database Optimizer allows automated scheduled database optimization. You can schedule the time duration and the plugin will do the DB optimization job for you.

WP Super Cache

Ever since the web has evolved, the caching mechanism has come into existence. Caching is one of the most important factors that directly affects the performance of any website. So your WordPress should have a strong caching mechanism and I think WP Super cache is the best plugin that gives you a better and faster caching solution. 

This plugin has a very fast caching engine that produces static html files and after a static html file is generated, your web server will serve that html file instead of any php scripts.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer

More the number of css and js files more will be the number of http requests.  CSS files and JS files does not download paralleled instead they get downloaded on after another, hence you have multiple number of http requests causing performance loss.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer makes your website faster by packing and grouping JS and CSS files.It also minifies these scripts and improves the loading time. 

Plugin Organizer

Not all the plugins are needed for all the pages, some plugins are only needed for home page and some are needed for pages and some are only for posts. So why to load all the plugins where it is not required? 

This is where Plugin Organizer comes into picture. Plugin Organizer speeds up your site by preventing it from using unnecessary bandwidth. This plugin allows you to do the following:

  1. Change the order that your plugins are loaded.
  2. Selectively disable plugins by any post type or wordpress managed URL.
  3. Adds grouping to the plugin admin age.

WP Smush.It 

Non-optimized images can leave a sever impact on the page loading time. Your page loading may slow down due to Non-optimized images. WP Smush.It is such a plugin which optimizes your images and reduces the size without affecting the quality of it. This plugin uses Smush.It API within the WordPress to optimize images. Whenever you upload a new image it will optimize the image automatically. You can also run the optimization tool on existing images.

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  1. Gytis Škėma says:

    Too bad Smush it never works. is a great alternative (but paid)

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