Possible Ways To Get Rid of No Internet Connectivity

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Many of the times I have got the issue of “No Internet Connectivity” with my wired broad band connection. Even sometimes I get this issue after a long time of surfing the internet but the surprising part here is that when I check my modem everything seems working fine the modem, so where the problem is and what should you do when you get No Internet Connectivity?


Possible ways to get rid of No Internet Connectivity

One of the solutions for this issue could be releasing the old IP and getting a new IP and the other could be restarting the network interface of your system.

How to renew IP address

In windows OS go to Start->Run and then type cmd and hit Enter.

Type “ipconfig /release” on the command prompt without the quotes and hit the enter key. This will release your current IP address.

Type “ipconfig /renew” on the command prompt and hit the enter key. This will assign a new set of IP to your computer.

Now you can exit the command prompt and check the internet connectivity. If still it does not work try the second option i.e. restart the network interface.

How to restart network Interface

Restarting the network interface is very easy. Just open the command prompt as earlier explained.

Type “netsh int ip reset” on the command prompt and hit the enter key. This will restart the network and all your network properties will be flushed and reassigned again.

Now exit the command prompt and check the internet connection.

Note: If none of the above two works out for you just do the below things, this may be time taking process:

1. Unplug your modem power for few seconds and then plug the power again. Now check your network connectivity.

2. If still it is not working then unplug your network cable, switch off the modem, and shut down the computer. Now switch on the modem and wait for it to be completely initialized. Start your computer and do not plug-in the network cable till your system starts completely and all services are initialized. If your modem is started and system is started completely, plug-in the network cable and check the internet connectivity.

3. If none of the procedure works for you simply dial the number of your customer care and ask them if there is any issue at their side and ask them to fix it.


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