Recover Deleted Files and Photos Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

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Hard drive is one of the most conventional ways of storing valuable data. However, due to of using moving equipments, it is destined to become inaccessible, corrupt or permanently damaged over certain period of time. As a result, you may lose your data permanently and may not able to get it back without using effective data recovery programs. Same thing applies to various other storage devices such as flash drive, USB, external hard drive, solid state devices etc.

Common reasons of data loss

Other than well known reasons of data loss from different storage media, there may various other reasons that leads to corruption and gives data loss circumstances. However, we’ll focus on some well known reasons of data loss and see if there is any hope left to restore it back exactly in the state it was before deletion.

  • File system corruption/damages would leads to system inaccessibility and may prevent you to access your computer. Thus, data inaccessibility situation strikes.
  • Virus/malware may infect even healthier computer system and cause it to perform abruptly. It’ll delete the original file and damage its location to master boot record.
  • Power surges can cause complete breakdown and may damage hardware of the computer system which ultimately results in unbootable computer system.

Whatever the reason is, you’ve still some hope left to get your important files back using important and effective data recovery software. EaseUS is a giant manufacturer of data backup and recovery applications. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free helps Windows as well as Mac users to recover deleted files from the hard drive and similar storage media in not more than three steps: Start, Scan, Preview and recovery.

EaseUS Box Shot



Step #1

Download (5.81 MB) DRW Free from the manufacturer website and install it on your Windows or Mac system. Software works on wizard based recovery method and offers flexible way to perform recovery using convenient ways, such as ‘Deleted File Recovery’, ‘Complete Recovery’, and ‘Partition Recovery’.

Data Recovery Options

Steps #2

Once you’ve chosen option to recover important files from the software home screen interface, select type of files you want to recover such as ‘Graphics’, ‘document’, ‘email’, ‘audio’, ’video’ etc. Click ‘Next’ to confirm the media you want to recover data from such as internal/external hard drive, removal device or optical media and so on.

search file type


Step #3.

Software will begin analyzing the problem storage media and deeply scan it to find all the traces of missing, trashed or formatted data. Once the scanning is completed, you can see the preview of recoverable files and folders from the right side of the window. At the end, select any or all the desired deleted files and click on ‘Recover’ button to save those files immediately.

select drives for recovery

Note You’ve multiple options to restore data such as external media, save it to Remote computer or burn it on CD DVD.

Last but not least, Data recovery wizard free offers two powerful way of scanning problem media: Quick Scan and deep scan. If you’re in hurry and want to recover files immediately, quick scan option will become life savior under such situations. Whereas, deep scan option can retrieve files from reformatted, inaccessible or lost files from hard disk drive and similar storage media devices. In worst situation, Data recovery wizard works as powerful photo recovery software to helps you retrieve important photos, audio & videos from SD card, memory card and similar removable storage media devices as well as any other primary storage device. 

The Verdict

Data Recovery Wizard free from EaseUS offers comprehensive data recovery options as well as capability to recover data from worst situations as RAW hard drive or the system that is inaccessible or unbootable. Most importantly, it offers you limited amount of recovery for free and after that, nominal fees is required to perform unlimited amount of recovery. Strongly recommended and must have utility for basic as well as advanced users, for both Windows & Mac users.


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