Remotely Control Your Android Phone Using SMS

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Before going into the detail of how to remotely control your android phone using SMS let me tell you what made me to write this post. It was yesterday when I almost wasted half an hour in searching my Samsung Galaxy S phone, which is an android phone at my home. So exactly what happened was that my cell phone was on silent mode and I left the phone in some place at home and was unable to find it. When I tried calling the my number it was ringing but I was unable to hear the ring tone, my first impression was perhaps it was stolen but I kept on trying and it was ringing, so from this I felt that if it was stolen then the person could have switched off it but it wasn’t. So then I remember I put the cell phone in silent mode some time back. After searching all places finally I found it, but at the cost of wasting half an hour.

After this incidence I searched the Google Play to find any application which can remotely switch from silent mode to general mode. I did find Agastya which is capable of remotely controlling your android phone using SMS.


How does it work?


After installing the application you need to create a PIN and save it. This PIN is used to unlock the application on your android phone as well as used to send and receive commands. When you want to send some command to your cell phone you need to follow the below steps: (You can also find all these instructions after installing the application)

Agastya - Remotely Control Your Android Phone Using SMS

Agastya - Remotely Control Your Android Phone Using SMS
STEP1: Send the PIN to your number as SMS.

STEP2: You will receive the list of commands which are valid for 1hr only, after which those commands will be invalid.

STEP3: Send one of the commands from the list and check the result.

STEP4: You will receive a confirmation SMS.

It’s that easy and very useful.This application is really very cool and useful for the android users. The data which could be fetched includes the below:

1) Contacts (Fetching contact number from your Address book)
2) Call Logs (Checking Missed Calls/Received Calls/Dialed Numbers)
3) IMEI Number
4) Phone Profile (Changing profile mode to Ringer or Silent)
5) SIM Number (Retriving SIM Number)
6) SMS logs (Checking SMS’s received on your phone)


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