How to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos at Once on Facebook

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Photo Tagging is Facebook or any other social networking site is an awesome feature. If we talk about Facebook, photo tagging works like a charm but sometime this feature on Facebook is being misused by some people/spammers. This feature is misused for promotional purposes, spammers tag hundreds of people in an irrelevant photo to promote some products or to promote themselves. We can remove these tags from photos but removing them one by one is a tedious task. So how to remove tags from multiple photos at once? Here is how we can do that. 

How to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos At Once on Facebook

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to Profile view by clicking on your display name on right top menu bar. 

2. Once you are on profile view page or the timeline page then clink on the “Activity Log” button shown on the cover page. 

Untag Facebook

3. Now from the left menu option select “Photos–>Photos of You”, here you can see the the photos where you have been tagged.  

Untag Facebook

4. Select all the photos that you want to un-tag by clicking on the check-box on the left side of the photo. After you have selected the desired photos click on the ‘Report/Remove Tags’ button at the top.


5. A new window will pop up asking you some questions like: “1. I want the photo untag and 2. I want the photo untag and taken down”. Now, choose the one that suits your situation and click “Untag Photo” button.

That’s all that you need to do in order to remove tags from photos, now Facebook will start processing your request and it may take some time depending the number of photos. Once the tags are removed you will be informed about it.     


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