How to Schedule a Meeting or Send Invitation in Gmail

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Gmail is very popular email service and Google has integrated lots of feature to it. In one of my post we have seen the feature of “How To Recall email in Gmail“, today in this post we shall see the seamless integration of Google Calendar and Gmail which helps in sending invitation or meeting schedule to other people. So lets see how to schedule meeting or send an invitation in Gmail.

Process To Schedule Meeting in Gmail

Step 1: First of all login to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Once successfully logged in, you can click on the red color “Compose” button on the left panel of the screen.

Step 3: Once the email editor is opened move your cursor over the “+” sign at the bottom of the editor to see different available options. One of these options is a calendar icon which inserts invitation or meeting schedule in Gmail. Click that icon to insert a meeting invitation.

schedule meeting in Gmail

Step 4: Fill the required details when the invitation screen pops up and then click on Insert Invitation button.

Gmail Invitation

Step 5: Now you will come back to the email editor and there you can see your meeting/invitation details, if you want to modify you can edit it. Once you are done you can send the email. meeting schedule in gmail

The recipient will receive your invitation with option to select “Yes”, “No” and “May be”.


Once the recipient selects his/her option it will be stored in your Google Calendar. You can login to your Google Calendar account and see all your schedules and status of other people whom you have sent invitation.


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