Secure Your WordPress Blog From Brute Force Attack

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Brute Force AttackHow to prevent wordpress blog from brute force attack? Hackers are always moving around to hack your website or blog, if they find any small security leak they will hack your blog. Hackers use several ways of hacking a website or a blog, one of them is brute force attack. Using brute force attack hackers can login to your blog admin account and can destroy all your works.

There is a plugin which prevents brute force attack for wordpress blogs called Login LockDown; a WordPress enhanced login security plugin. Once installed and activated the plugin records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempts. If more than a certain numbers of failed login attempts are detected within a certain time interval from the same range of IP then the login functionality will be disabled for that IP range for a certain period of time. This will prevent from brute force attack for your wordpress blog. The default lock out time is 1 hr for a 3 failed login attempts. However admin can change the values from the administration panel.


How to download and Install Login LockDown

Installation of Login LockDowns is very easy, just download it from here, Login to your blog with admin user and upload the plugin and activate it. That’s all; you can change the setting from the options page.

Believe me friends this is really a great plugin to secure your wordpress blog from brute force attack. I would strongly recommend you to install this plugin to stay at a safer side.


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2 Responses

  1. Akash Arora says:

    I am looking for some nice security plugin and i found one here thanks..


    Thanks for the tip, just what I was looking for. But is it posible to do this via function.php, basically without a plugin.

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