How to Set up Exchange ActiveSync for iPhone

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The Exchange ActiveSync iOS is used to set up the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account on Apple mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. The protocol was designed for the effective, efficient and secure real-time synchronization of emails and contacts, tasks and calendars, and notes from a messaging server to the Apple personal device.

Steps in Setting Up Exchange ActiveSync iOS

Thus, setting up the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch means accessing and synchronizing your email, contacts and calendars. Such feature provides for several benefits including fast two-way syncing between the protocol and the mobile device and vice versa.
Setting up is easy, too. Just follow these general steps that the Exchange ActiveSync iOS will facilitate:
Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account
This should be easy considering that Apple’s devices are intuitive.
Tap Microsoft Exchange to start setting up your account.
Keep in mind that there is no need to enter any data into the Domain box. Just enter the require information into the fields, namely, your Email Address, Username and Password. Your email address and username should be entered in full on the boxes for your account to be recognized.
Tap the Next button, which is located on the screen’s upper right corner. Your iPhone will automatically find the settings necessary to set up your Exchange ActiveSync account.
This will require another set of steps. Enter your server name on the Server box and then tap the next button. Choose the type of information for synchronization between your account and your iPhone and the tap the Save icon. By default, the Exchange ActiveSync iOS will synchronize the Mail, Contacts and Calendar information.
Tip: Creating a passcode requires tapping on the Continue icon and then entering your numeric passcode. Otherwise, you will be unable to view your email account on your Apple phone.
If your iPhone cannot automatically find your settings, you have to perform manual settings in your Exchange ActiveSync server name. Follow these steps:
Sign in to your account with the Outlook Web App.
Click Options >> See All Options > Account > My Account > Settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP access.
Tip #1 : If your Apple device runs on iOS 4.5 and 5.x, such as iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, 2nd until 4th generation iPod Touch, as well as iPad, iPad 2 and iPad3, then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is
Tip #2: Use the full server name of POP setting as your server name when you cannot set up your account using the server name.
Tip #3: Remove the /owa from the Exchange ActiveSync server name if your POP server name has your organisation’s name in it.
If you are still having issues with the Exchange ActiveSync iOS, your best option is to contact the Apple Service Centre or to ask for assistance from tech experts in your office. But when these issues are resolved, you will start enjoying the benefits of the popular protocol in synchronising emails and contacts between the server and the mobile device.
iPhone Exchange
Possible Issues
And speaking of issues, here are the most common iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync iOS connectivity problems and their doable solutions.
Coexistence issues
This issue prevents the iPhone from effectively and efficiently connecting to the Exchange ActiveSync system, which usually occurs when the user’s mailbox is located on the Exchange Server 2007 within a mixed environment (i.e., 2007 and 2010 versions). The best actions are to move the mailbox to the 2010 version and to force the CAS to proxy the required connection.
Heartbeat intervals
Your iPhone may have difficulty with the current heartbeat settings. Your best bet is to set the maximum heartbeat to 59 minutes, a suggestion made by Apple tech experts, for optimum usage of the protocol.
Suffice it to say that the Exchange ActiveSync iOS makes it fast, easy and convenient for users to install the protocol on their iPhones. But when issues arise, it is best to address these issues as soon as possible by calling the Apple service centre or by asking for professional assistance from tech experts for best results.
Author Bio:
Peter Fregon is one of the founders of MailEnable Pty. Ltd. and currently works as the Product Services Manager. He believes that high quality exchange activesync can be a great asset for a company, and understands the critical nature of email communication.


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