Should Students Start Running a Blog?

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Should Students Start Runnung a BlogWe are in the information age, and everything that is done these days centers around who gets the idea first! As a student, you might want to focus more of your attention on getting high grades while in school, so why must you care whether we are in the InfoTech age or Stone Age? Well, surprisingly, that’s because much of you rely on today’s form of technology.
The internet is now swarming with pages of content – particularly blogs ran by young and brilliant heads. Why you must participate in this race of who shares and gets the best information is actually all about your success academically.
My blog post will be throwing light on reasons you might benefit from running a blog while still in college.

Sharing Information Broadens Your Experience


Who has to share information without first seeking for them? As a student-blogger, you might decide to share what you learn about in your school on your blog and have your friends revise their studies on your blog. While you’re helping your friends who might have missed one or two lectures to recoup what they might have lost during the course of their absence in class, you’re also ultimately improving your experience in that field/subject.
This will definitely help you to learn more about that course and also help you earn higher grades in school, putting you on top of the course. As you can see from this point, running a blog will help you increase your scope of your course and studies.


Increase Your Self-Confidence


Granted, self-confidence has a lot to do in every aspect of human endeavor. One of the major factors that puts a setback on most people’s career in life, be it educational or secular-wise, is lack of self-confidence. Running a blog as a student helps you build your self-confidence without destroying your humility.
People with low self-esteem tend to hide their work or art from others due to the fear of criticism. By running a blog as a student, you are putting your art on display and also making yourself open to criticism which is a great propeller of success in life.
When you’re criticized publicly, you tend to make amendments in the area you’ve be criticized to avoid going through the same ordeal another time in the future. Thus, by running a blog, you’re ultimately improving your self-confidence.


Expand Your Network


Those that network, they say, will not have to leg-work. By having a lot of people in your network, you can be rest assured of getting things done easily. This is what people without a network of friends won’t get. Running a blog helps students expand and grow their network, making it possible for them to broaden their knowledge by reviewing and commenting on each other’s performances.
Do you love the idea of having a lot of friends that will help you with a lot of things when you need them? Then running a blog that is updated regularly with nice content and beautiful pictures might help you achieve this.

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