Slotomania – Slot Machines Review

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Spending money on the slot machines is a favorite pass time of many game lovers. What if there is a mobile slots app that can give you an on par experience to that of the Los Vegas? There exists an app that can give you the thrilling experience of the game, which lets you spin the wheel and you, can even get triple of what you had invested or take home nothing. The slots can be tough, and you need to have sharp eyes for this. Not only you got to be observant, but you need to have loads of luck. The slot machines can even use the money you had saved all your life. Slotomania stands unique as you can stay at your home, and enjoy the slot games on your smartphones, or tablet or your computer. You can play them when you are on the move and anywhere and everywhere, and the greatest advantage is that you need not pay extra for this.

New Version

Slotomania is now available with the new 1.56.2 version with a brand new sparkling lobby for your mobiles. Moreover, there are new incentives for winning the game like GORILLA GEMS and other exciting bonus offers. The new version has got bug fixes and is more optimized to give you smoother spins in your playing slots.

How to Start With Slotomania?

You need to drop the virtual coin in the machine, which is a digital machine, and push the button. The wheels have to do the rest of the task. This is what all you got to do when you want to play Slotomania. The game’s result relies on how the wheels spun. If you have enough luck to win, you can play as many games. When you lose, you need to get out of the app without any penny left for you in the virtual world. When you want to play, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • You have to decide how many coins you would like to gamble for each game
  • You need to press the button on the touchscreen if you want to spin the wheels.
  • When you play, you can win free wins, which actually cost you nothing to spin
  • The rows you would like to match up should be decided

Winning and Playing on Different Game Machines

This is an incredible package of the slot games, where the developers of the game had worked in giving out the too many slot machines that cannot be imagined. You get only one machine when you start the game. When you win more games, you get the chance to unlock more machines. As you move ahead with winning more games, you can access many slot machines. Every machine has its own unique, look, jingle and style. Find the details of the individual slot machines here.

  • With the spooky school machine, you can match up a ghastly collection of monster children and the school supplies.
  • The Flaming Devils have the lovely angels, but you need to risk your money for this machine.
  • Party in Wonderland lets the gamers play the whimsical slot machine
  • The Happy Days machine let gamers match Fonzie and the gang

And there are many other slot machines available for the gamers.

When you play real life slot machines, it is about your observant nature, and luck. But, when you want to play Slotomania you can play the game easily when you have a friend who can help you. Though the game lets only one player to play at a time, someone who keeps watching at you can let you win the game. You can get this done when you connect with your friends via Facebook, send gifts to them, receive the gifts they send, and get free tokens and spins as a result.


The Letdowns

This impressive game has its letdowns. When players pay for the coins, most of the times they do not get any, and there is no place to report it.


This game has the astonishing number of slot machines, and this compilation is a jackpot for the lovers of slot machines.


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