Slots and New Websites Technology – AngularJS

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Creating enterprise applications has brought upon a significant challenge in the present era. The present day’s consumers are furnishing innovations since technology firms are creating new ways for developing the web application fever. Since the users start driving more functionality towards the browser, the space in maturity between the front-end and server-side tools became improvingly apparent. Angular JS is one of the contemporary frameworks designed using pre-defined libraries which could aid developers in getting complex requirements within a shorter time. Angular JS is a sort of declarative JavaScript programming framework employed for developing rich user interfaces as well as for writing software components. It allows developing complex, rich and powerful client side web applications particularly for Angular JS developers, thus allowing businesses to unleash the influence of lighter web applications.

Angular JS is capable of completely enhancing the user experience by allowing users to enjoy the updated content without the need to refresh the overall page via the power of AJAX. Frameworks such as backbone.js, ember.js and knockout.js is able to replace one view with other view by means of manipulating DOM and by loading data by means of Ajax such that the users could experience exciting navigation over different views.

Need for angular JS

Google web toolkit is the most sought after toolkit for optimizing and building complicated browser based applications. Java is not user friendly and it is never considered as a better option for programs involving a number of click handlers and one-off listeners. Angular JS, on the other hand is devised on JavaScript that has been a great language to attain user interface. It includes core web technologies, thus making it simpler in developing applications that easily abide by the standards. As a whole, angular JS delivers huge source of assistance in through built-in predefined templates as well as code libraries that allows angular JS developers to focus and relax more on requirement instead on the complex system level coding. The lines of codes are also reduced drastically leading to a light built application which is simple, yet fast and effective.

Angular JS as SPA framework

Single page application benefits the users in several ways since it makes simple the navigation and brings web application to a complete new level. Angular JS framework follows all the principles involved in single page applications. The development of angular JS involves adapting and extending HTML vocabulary along with certain add-on declarations, hence addressing the problem of dynamic views wherever HTML fails.

Angular JS automatically synchronizes data from user interface with the JavaScript objects via two way data bindings, to aid users’ better structure the application and making it simple to test. Angular.js has been used in many of the projects; even slots site based on angularJS has been developed in a greater manner to still enhance the function of the slots website. Basically, as angular JS is supposed to work on rich data, it can be used whenever it is required to implement the web application.


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