Some useful tips for using Windows 8

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Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Today, millions of people already started using Windows 8 as their Operating platform. XP is the widely used windows OS, but with the introduction of the advanced version, many users have shifted to the latest platform that offers various benefits. Start-up screen looks entirely different from other versions. It offers high speed which boosts the system performance. Apart from the speed it enhances various tools like task manager and file transfer dialogues. Inbuilt browser, Internet Explorer can compete with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox in terms of speed and it can even support the latest web standards like HTML5.
Some useful tips for using Windows 8 are:



  1. You can move the tiles on the screen just by clicking and dragging it. In case if you want to expand the screen size, move the tiles to the top or bottom of the screen.
  2. You can even operate tiles using the mouse. Scroll your mouse wheel to move from left to right end of the screen.
  3. You can run the desktop shortcuts by selecting pin to start.
  4. At the bottom right corner of the screen, there will be expanding glass. Click on this icon to view ‘start screen’ in large size. If you are looking to name tiles, right click on them and give a specific name to each tile.
  5. Resize any tile by selecting the ‘resize’ option.
  6. Using Internet Explorer 10, you can pin favorite web pages. It even provides flexibility to pin your desired web page to start screen.

Keyboard shortcuts

  1. Learning short cuts provide better user experience. Remember widely used shortcut keys which simplify your work. 
  2. Press ‘Windows’ key to start switching to start screen.
  3. Windows key +D opens desktop screen.
  4. Windows key+ dot is used to pin and unpin applications.
  5. Windows key +X gives access to menu.
  6. Windows key+ C is used to open charms.
  7. Windows key +I is used to open settings.
  8. Windows key +tab will open applications.
  9. Windows key + print screen is used for creating screen shots.

Corners of the screen:

  1. Bottom left corner: Using bottom left corner of the screen you can access start menu. Right click on the left corner to open power menu. 
  2. Top left corner: Move your mouse to top left corner of the screen. This shows the list of applications that are currently running on your screen. 
  3. Right side of screen: You can access windows charms on the right side of the screen.

Ultimate search:

  1. Windows 8 has enhanced search power when compared to its previous versions. You can start searching the desired program or file from the start button. As soon as you start typing, it shows the results on the left side. You can even search for your favorite apps. It may be finance, health, games, etc. Default search shows the list of apps in alphabetical order. If you want favorite apps on the top list, just pin them.

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