How To Start Printing Through Your iPad

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The iPad offers an excellent way to boost productivity through its business applications, but entrepreneurs often neglect another aspect of the tablet that can be used to streamline business processes and reduce your company’s carbon footprint: the printing capabilities of the iPad.
Though the device itself is limited in USB ports and the manufacturer doesn’t offer any printers itself, there several models from Canon, HP, Epson and other leading companies compatible with the device over Wi-Fi, print server utilities, cloud services and Apple’s AirPrint feature.
The following options can be used to start the process on your iPad:

1. AirPrint

AirPrint can be an ideal solution for office printing as the utility works easily when the iPad is connected to a wireless printer through Wi-Fi (both devices need to be on the same network). This feature works on all models of the iPad, and most of the latest wireless printer models are compatible with AirPrint.

An AirPrint supported application will let you assess the arrow icon, which is basically a share button. This icon will let you access the options of printing and social media sharing, and pressing the button will take you to the next screen, where you can select a compatible printer connected to the Wi-Fi network to get started.

2. iPad applications

Most of the renowned printer companies now offer native iOS apps that give iPad owners the liberty to print over a W-Fi connection. And like in the case of AirPrint, the printer and the iPad have to be connected on the same network.

Canon for example has its own native app for iPad and iPhone users that lets them print over wireless networks. A Canon ink cartridge can help with the process, especially for photo printing over a Wi-Fi connection using a third party application. Native apps from Canon and other manufacturers are available on the App Store as free and paid downloads.

3. PC and Mac applications

Fingerprint and Handyprint can be downloaded for PC and Mac and these applications can be set up for the printers currently installed on either of the computers. You can then select the default printer and use the system preferences offered by each application for print management.

Both of these apps automatically share the list of printers installed on your Mac or PC, so they essentially act as a replacement or an AirPrint device. In case of HandyPrint, you can use the iPad to search for its driver and select print to the regular USB device option. Also, the apps are compatible with most iPad models running iOS firmware 4.3 and above.

4. Google cloud print

Google cloud print works with compatible printers and you can use an iPad for direct printing through Gmail or Google Docs: the printer should be set up to use the service. In the Google Chrome browser, you can sign in to your Google account, select Settings > show Advanced Settings > Google Cloud Print > Add Printers to authorize the printers attached to your Mac or PC to print through cloud.

Then using the iPad, you can use the official Chrome app and follow the same steps as mentioned above to set up the connected printers. After that, select Google Cloud print as output and select the desired printer. Using these two configurations, the documents can be printed through an iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC.


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