Study finds Different Behavious between Men and Women in Mobile Gaming

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Mobile is the most equally divided platform between males and females when it comes to gaming. Statistics show that gaming on smartphone and tablet devices is divided pretty much 50/50 between the two genders. However, recent research has shown that the genders still differ on gaming trends.

According to a survey published by Harris Interactive, there are distinguishable differences between the way men and women consume mobile gaming content. The data, which was gathered from interviews with 880 US adult mobile players, reported that there were three major conclusions: women are more likely to participate in free-to-play titles, men are more inclined to share their wins or achievements and men show more competitive traits than their female counterparts do.

“Our data indicates that women across the board are more socially reserved about their mobile gaming experience than men,” stated the survey, which was conducted in partnership with Amazon and its flagship Google Play app store.

“We asked participants how they would react after earning the top score in their favorite mobile game, and guys were more likely to publicly share those scores in a variety of ways (doing everything from personally telling friends/family, using social media, and even capturing a screenshot.)”

The survey discovered that 53% of males claimed to feel competitive when it came to mobile gaming, compared to just 45% of female gamers. While 53% of men are likely to boast about their achievements in a game, just 43% of women will share their top scores with their friends or via social media channels.

Additionally, women were more likely to play free mobile games, even if that meant having to endure multiple pop-up ads. 84% of females surveyed stated that they actually preferred free mobile games, with 77% of men saying the same. When it comes to paying for a mobile title, only 27% of females were willing to dip into their wallets. 40% of males reported that they would pay for a game.

This behaviour is not only limited to the mobile world either. The unwillingness to spend on gaming entertainment by females is also mirrored in the online world. Although more online gambling operators are making efforts to target women, the demographic of visitors to genres like the casino games at Platinum Play is still significantly uneven: with around 82% men and only 18% women.

When it comes to video games, a report by the Entertainment Software Association last year found that the stereotypical male gamer may not be as prominent as once thought. 45% of the entire game playing population are women, who also account for 46% of the most frequent video game purchasers. While their behaviours, tendencies and preferred platforms may differ, it seems that women still have a strong presence in the gaming world.


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