Submitting Guest Post

Guest Blogging is a technique by which bloggers interact with other bloggers within the blogging environment and indeed it generates more traffic for your own blog. But there are some guidelines you need to follow while writing a guest post for any blog, so we do have some guidelines for our guest authors. Please check the below guidelines before proceeding for writing any post.

What to Do and What Not to Do

Please do not submit articles which are already published on So before writing or sending us the article please re-check in our archives for similar articles.

  • Do not try to promote your products or blog in any manner.
  • Write the article which are completely original and not copyrighted.
  • Please use images which are not copyrighted else create your own images.
  • Please take proper care of formatting the post, avoid any spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Do not include any external links in your post other than one link to your blog which will be shown in Authors bio under the post.
  • Please note that we do have all the rights to accept/reject/modify your post at any point of time.

How to Submit your Guest Posts

You can send your articles to [email protected] in word document format. Once your article is reviewed and published we shall inform you over email.



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