Top Android Apps To Free Up Space

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At some point of time all of us who are using android smart phones may have come across situation where we start lagging behind storage space, I did not understand how come my storage space were disappearing   Even its more frustrating when you try to upload a new file to your android phone and there is no space. In this situation you start deleting files one by one searching and finding unnecessary files. This process is not efficient one, so the possible solutions would be finding a file cleaner application that would easily manage your storage space which will delete unnecessary files.

There can be several files that may affect your storage space like application cache files, internet cache files, temporary files etc. These files could kill up to 1-2 GB of your phone storage. So here we have top file cleaner apps for your android phone that will help you in cleaning up storage space. List of Android Apps To Free Up Space:


Top Android Apps To Free Up Space 


1. Clean Master

Android Apps To Free Up SpaceThe first one in our list is Clean Master. This is really a high performance application that helps you in deleting temp apk files, image thumbnails, history files, cache files and any other unnecessary or residual files. Clean Master comes with an integrated Task Manager so that you can manage open tasks easily.

This application is extremely easy to use as it has a very clean and easy to navigate user interface. It allows you to clean your phone in seconds.


2.  Easy Cache Cleaner

Easy Cache CleanerThis app is fast, easy and full of features and is a perfect stuff for those who wants to free up some internal storage space. It can show you which apps have most unwanted files so that you can easily clean them.

Also, the app has a reminder that can notify you when it’s time to clean your device. You can set up this feature to send you a notification once a day, once every 12 hours, once every 3 or 4 days and even once a week. The app’s user interface is perfect for all. 



3. App Cache Cleaner 

App Cache CleanerThis will allow you to clean up storage space on your device and most useful feature is its capability to auto clean and auto kill apps. So you need not worry about cleaning storage any more.




4. Root App Delete (Uninstaller)

Root App DeleteIf you are one of them who installs lot of apps and after some time don’t use them then this application is very useful for you as it helps you finding and deleting apps that you are not using anymore. But this app is designed for root users only. So non rooted devices can not use this app.




So make use of these apps to keep your device clean and faster and you will be able to able to add more content to your phone whenever required.


+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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