Track Your Data Usage With 3G Watchdog For Android

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Wireless Internet on your mobile phone can be more expensive if you do not watch the usage of it. Even it can be more expensive if you pay for every Kb of data you download. 3G data is even more expensive to use. If you use wireless data on your android based smart phone then perhaps this 3G watchdog application is very useful.

3G watchdog watches the data usage of your android based smart phone and warns you when it reaches a threshold value. 3G watchdog not only watches your 3G data but also watches the EDGE and GPRS data usage. 3G watchdog is completely free and can be downloaded from the android market.

3gwatchdog 3gwatchdog  

How to use 3G watchdog

Once downloaded and installed on your android phone you need to configure it according to your data usage. Open the 3G watchdog and go to settings to configure it. You can set the total data usage quota and the time duration for the data quota. Apart from this setting there are several other miscellaneous settings that you can configure like Alerts (Warning alert when data usage reaches a threshold limit) and you can also select the vibration alert when data usage reaches warning value. Lot of other settings are also there which you can tweak to suit your requirements.

3G watchdog runs as a service on your phone so do not install it on SD card. It shows an icon on the notification status bar and turns color of the icon to green, orange or red based on the usage status red being the danger signal for data usage.

This application will track all the data usage irrespective of the browser you use. 


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