Twitter and Blog a Two Way Relationship

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A blog is related to twitter in several ways. It is often mistaken that tweets are meant for aggressive sales online. Posting some messages with 140 characters length would not do any good if it is not supported by a blog. The twitter timeline shall not be considered as a sales page.

People are generally reluctant to any kind of sales promotion activities. We may restrain from sales representatives who try to sell products to us. Anything you share on twitter would be informative and interesting to your followers. So w rite something interesting for your followers in your blog and share it with them as a blog is needed to let others know about your thoughts or ideas. You would direct the readers from twitter to your blog though short messages with links (tweets) which would persuade them to click on these links. You may expect some regular readers while some others may visit your website quite often.

It would be a good idea to sell products indirectly by driving traffic to your blog. Your blog readers would happen to see your products which are promoted though the same blog. Remember customers would be pulled to try your product from your website through your blog rather than pushing them to buy your product through twitter. The web traffic to your blog increases instantly. Always include something unique and interesting for your readers rather than sticking on to one topic only.

Repeatedly tweeting the same message again and again would reduce your influence. At least allow some time for users to forget about the topic. It is also an interesting fact that your website would be preferred by the search engines ones your traffic increases. Some people outside twitter would be your visitors as well. It would result in better sales too. What you have to do is, make your blog live with your recent tweets, Place a follow me link to twitter or a share button to other social networking websites like Facebook, digg, LinkedIn etc. People from outside twitter also would be your followers. This facilitates users to share the information in your blog to other social media as well which would again bring in more traffic to your website.

A Guest Blog Post by Babu M Varghese


+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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