Use Facebook on Your Cell Phone without Any Internet or GPRS Plans

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Facebook has become an integral part of life these days and everybody wants to use it everywhere and anywhere using PC, laptop or cell phone. The most convenient way to use Facebook everywhere is through a cell phone, but what if you do not have an internet access on your cell phone. So to solve this problem there is a simple process which allows you to use Facebook without internet or any data plan on your cell phone.

Before proceeding I would like to say that this procedure is applicable only I India. You can use Facebook on your cell phone just by dialing *325# and the most important thing is that this service requires absolutely no data plans or internet access on your cell phone and it works on all cell phones including those old model cell phones.

Facebook India in partnership with Fonetwish has launched this amazing service which enables user to use Facebook without internet connection on any mobile phone without any special apps.

How to use this service: This service is very easy to use as it is very similar to the service you already use on your cell phone that is checking balance. You just need to dial *325# and then it will ask you the Facebook use id and password on the screen and then everything is self explanatory. This service is much similar to the balance check where you enter the choice and click on send button. Similarly here you need to enter your choice and click on the send button.

Though reading your Facebook news feed one by one would be difficult with this but it is very useful for those people who like to update their minute by minute status on Facebook.

At present this service is available to the Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo users in Indiaand hopefully it will soon be available to all mobile users in India. 


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