Use Opera For Mobile To Decrease Your Data Usage

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Wireless Internet and 3G internets are widely used services today. Sometimes these 3G data plans are so expensive that we get a long mobile bill at the end of the month. When you browse any website on your mobile phone it downloads all the media files, css, and JavaScript files from the webserver directly and you end up with a huge data usage.

But if you want to decrease your mobile data usage there is a solution which could solve your data usage problem by 70-80%. Yes it is mobile Opera browser which can reduce your data usage by 70-80%.

How does mobile opera browser help in reducing your data usage?

Probably you are thinking the same question, ok here is the answer to your question, when you browse any website using your opera browser your request directly goes to opera server and not to the website and then opera server compresses the response by 70-80% and sends back to your mobile. Hence you download less data almost 80% is reduced. Web browsing experience becomes faster with opera mobile browser. 

mobile opera browser working principle

This works very similar to the turbo functionality of the opera desktop browser. Even now there is one more feature that opera has added to the mobile browser, that is tracking of the data usage using opera mobile browser, but it is limited to the android based mobiles as of now. Tracking of data usage is limited only to the data that passes through opera browser and it will not track your data usage for other browser.


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