Use Your Own Domain as FeedBurner Feed Address [How to]

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If your are using FeedBurner service for your feed, then you might be interested in using your own domain name instead of FeedBurner URL. In this article I will discuss how you can use your own domain name as feed URL instead of FeedBurner URL.

 When you use FeedBurner feed service for your website your feed URL becomes: But when you configure to use your own domain name it will become You can see my feed URL is but still I use FeedBurner service. So lets see step by step how you can change your FeedBurner feed address with your domain name.


STEP1: Login to your FeedBurner account.


STEP2: Click on the “My account” link on the right hand top menu bar.


STEP3: On the account setting page click on the “My brand” link on the left navigation panel as shown below:




STEP4: Copy the CNAME host that is shown in the My Brand page and keep it safe on your system for future use. See the below image for your reference:




STEP5: Edit your feed url in the box given in point 2 in My Brand page (The same page as in step 4). It should be Replace the “your-domain” with your real domain name. Click on the Save/Activate button at the bottom of the page. Ignore any CNAME related warnings.




STEP6: Login to your domain service management account and create a CNAME record for your domain. Your CNAME should be “feeds” without the quotes, please provide the host name that you have copied in step4 as the qualified host name in the provided box. It should be like “” and create the CNAME record. For faster propagation you can set a lower TTL.


STEP7: Now you have completed all the configuration parts. Its time to test your new feed URL. You need to wait for some time, it may take up to hours for the CNAME to propagate. You may check your new feed URL after an hour or two. Your new feed URL should be

If you successfully get the feeds via your new URL, then you can permanently change your feed URL link on your website to the new URL. Your user will visit your domain feed URL where as you will be using the FeedBurner feed service. Do not worry this change will not affect your existing subscribers as they can still access your feeds via the old FeedBurner URL. If you are facing any issues please let me know via your comments.


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