Using SEO within a Marketing Campaign

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Even if you are just starting to learn about marketing on the Internet, you probably have already heard a lot about SEO, but you may or may not have quite figured out what it is yet. SEO is a valuable tool in any marketing campaign for anyone or anything with a web presence.

While not exceedingly difficult, SEO can be time consuming and a bit tough for many to master. The following hints and tips for using SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) should be a big help in getting you started harnessing this important series of techniques to market you, your business, blog, or website.


Learn about keywords

Internet Marketing Success


In terms of SEO, keywords refer to the word or phrase that people actually search for when they utilize a search engine. Keywords could be a word, one or two words, or a longer phrase. These are things that real people type in search bars, and if you can use these correctly on your website or blog, people will find your pages for these keywords when they search.

This isn’t all there is to SEO, but keywords are one of the foundations. To learn about the right keywords for you and your niche, you should do some research as to what people looking for content like yours actually searches for on Google or Bing. You will want to isolate “low competition” keywords that are often sought out; this means that many people search for them but few sites use them. A good tool for this is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.


Link it up


Part of SEO is getting links to your pages or posts to be up on other places around the web. There are several ways to do this.

It can be simple by posting them yourself. Putting links on social sites could be one way to do this. You could also leave your links in comments you leave on blog posts around the web.

You may also want to have links put up on high quality sites. A good way to do this is to reach out to bloggers and webmasters and offer a link sharing relationship; you could offer to put their links up and they will in turn put up yours.


Take it easy


SEO is like many things, in that some people believe that since a little of something is good, then a lot of it is then better. This causes a bunch of SEO novices to start loading pages with keywords or leaving links to their content anywhere and everywhere they can. This is a mistake.

If you want to start using SEO in a marketing campaign, it is quality over quantity. Too many keywords in one place is known as keyword stuffing, and it can actually lead to your pages getting wiped from Google’s search results. Lots of links on less than reputable pages can also lead to a penalty in regards to search rankings.


And more


SEO is a compilation of many techniques that can help to make your marketing campaign a success, and these tips are just a tiny fraction of what makes up SEO. That being said, these tips are just a launching pad for learning about and using SEO. If you want to successful incorporate these techniques, you should learn about SEO further and begin to utilize as many of these approaches as possible.

As a marketing tool on the Internet, SEO is presently an essential. If you want to get organic traffic to your site and get noticed, you need to start using SEO today.

This article is written by Sara Carter who likes social networks, Google android, cyberdefender and psychology.


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