What is CPM Advertising? – List Of CPM Add Networks

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Online advertising is a form of promotion through internet medium. Different types of revenue models are available for online advertising. Those are

  • CPM (Cost Per Mile)
  • CPV (Cost Per Visitor)
  • CPV (Cost Per View)
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)

These advertising revenue models are applicable for the advertisers as well as the publisher. Today we will discuss about the CPM model and how does it work. We will also discuss the top CPM advertising networks.

CPM (Cost Per Mile) Advertising Model

CPM advertising is one of the most popular forms of internet advertising. In CPM model advertisers are charged based on every impression. (An impression is when a visitor visits the page where the add is shown). The publishers are paid per impression for the advertise. Generally CPM works based on 1000 impressions. Add rates are generally placed per 1000 impressions. In CPC (Cost per click) model publishers are paid when a visitor clicks on the add but in CPM publishers are paid when a visitor sees the advertise. Generally CPM adds come in the banner form.

The CPM payment calculations are made as per the below:

CPMv = Cost of the CPM add (Per 1000 impressions)

TI = Total number of impressions

TA = Total amount paid to publisher


TA = CMPv*(TI/1000)

For example if the total number of impression is 100000 and CPM value for the add is $10 USD then total amount to be paid to the publisher would be

TA = 10*(100000/1000) = $1000 USD

Cost per impression is calculated as below:

CPI = CPMv/1000 = 10/1000 = $0.01 USD

There are some good CPM add network available. Below are some top paying CPM networks that you can use for your web site to earn money:

1.    AdPepper

2.    AdSmart

3.    AdTegrity

4.    Ampira Media

5.    BannerConnect

6.    Bardzo Media

7.    TribalFusion

8.    Blue Lithium

9.    BurstMedia

10. Casale Media

Update: Please be informed that the strike out lists are no more existing hence links are removed and the given numbers are just serial numbers and has nothing to do with any kind of ranking.



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  1. Sofía Santucho says:

    I highly recommend adtomatik. I’ve been using it for the last eight months and the results are unbelievable. Best ecpm and higher fill rates in comparison to others I’d tried.

  2. umamahesh says:

    I am using TribalFusion and Globaladspace.com in last five months and the results are very good. Excellent Ecpm rates and 100% fill rate.

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