Why Is Site Audit Important In SEO Process?

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A website audit report, to put it in very simple terms, will tell you if anything is wrong with it, and where you need to improve, and what changes you need to make.
When should you conduct an audit? Of course, it’s a no-brainer that you should do it when traffic to the site is reduced; but auditing on a regular basis will ensure steady stream of visitors.
More people use the internet to locate products and services, and more mobile devices are used than ever. People will only look at sites where info is presented clearly and crisply, and their queries are answered up front. So your website has to be able to attract visitors on a regular basis. You will need to constantly update to keep up with changing trends and needs.


A Good Website Audit looks at the Following:


  1. Technical issues: the audit will identify technical issues which may prevent your website from functioning properly.
  2. URL issues: structure
  3. Content analysis
  4. Design issues: ease of navigation, interface usability, titles etc
  5. Business strategy: are your objectives being properly supported by your website?
  6. Comparison with competitor’s websites
  7. Robot and sitemap files issues
  8. Links profile, external and internal
  9. Keywords
  10. Reviewing Promos and call-to-action; are you doing it right?
  11. Conversion: how many of the visits end in a sale or at least enquiry? Critical info.

So you can see that a website audit will provide you with the solutions to improve the marketability of your business online. 

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+Ayodhyanath Guru holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked with various prestigious clients in the IT industry and presently working as a Software Engineer. He is a part time blogger and presently authors the Jafaloo.Com blog. Being a tech enthusiast Guru likes to surf the web and blogs about interesting technical topics like How-To guides, freewares, Tutorials, Software, Gadgets, web applications etc. Apart from blogging he likes coding in Java/J2EE and PHP.

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