Will We See an iPhone Phablet In 2013?

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In today’s smart phone and tablet market is an array of screen sizes to choose from. In the smart phone market, phones have screen sizes from 3 to 5 inches. While in the tablet market, tablets have screen sizes ranging from 7 inches to 10 inches. So what do we call gadgets that have screen sizes measuring almost 5 inches or bigger than 5 inches but are not exactly tablets? We use the term “Phablets”. Phablets are becoming a new trend in today’s mobile technology world. The demand from smart phone enthusiasts wanting big screen sizes for their mobile devices – so that they could be more efficient in using it is growing. One big question arises from all of this, “Will 2013 mark the year that Apple releases their own take in this big-screen mobile device called Phablets?”


Apple has been a tech giant for years now. It seems that no matter what product they put out, regardless of how many varieties of it they release and how often they launch new models of these said devices, people seem to buy all of them. We can safely say that Apple has a strong grasp and dominance in today’s gadget market. So we all assumed that if they ever do plan on producing and releasing a Phablet, people would probably buy them. But will Apple take this venture this year though? Actually, there and no indications that they will!


Ever since 2012, Apple’s fans have been clamouring for 2013 because they know that it will be another great year for their favourite company to roll out another futuristic device. However, Apple releasing a Phablet anytime soon is not yet in the horizon. However,according to reports, Apple will release a new television model. That’s right. Apple is planning to take over our living room too! Lots of hypes have been manifested for this innovation that is waiting to be released. So would Apple really be willing to release another creation in another line of their products even though it coincides with the release of the company’s home appliance line? Only time can tell.


Another reason that Apple won’t probably introduce a Phablet this 2013 is the rumoured release of another iPhone. This iPhone is no other than the iPhone 5S. According to reports, the iPhone 5S is not at all a Phablet. So, I think Phablet-anxious individuals will be dismayed hearing about this news. The iPhone 5S is not what they’re waiting to see from Apple. However, there are surely more Apple enthusiasts who do not care if it is a Phablet or iPhone for as long as it comes from Apple!


Even if there are many reasons to believe that Apple would not release a Phablet this 2013, we simply don’t know for sure. Apple has done a lot of surprising things during the past couple of years. So, it is wrong to conclude that 2013 is not for Apple’s Phablet. Apple knows that being ahead of their competitors in a new kind of offering is a very crucial advantage to have – especially when it is dictated by the market. But with Apple being the leader in the last couple of years, would they really need it? Maybe, they should wait if Phablets really become a legitimate thing of the future. Then perhaps, they should produce their own version of the Phablet now and forever revolutionize its nature. Whatever Apple does, one thing is for sure, we will all be waiting for it. Would it be nice to take Apple’s position in the market?



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