Yahoomail Daily Email Sending Limit

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yahoomailDo you know there is a daily sending limit on Yahoomail? I was sending an email to some email address and found that I was unable to send email because I exceeded the daily email sending limit. As a fact most of the free email services including Gmail has a daily sending limit. If you cross this limit you will not be able to send any more email on the same day. If you are using any desktop client like Outlook to use Yahoomail you have some limitations on sending emails using SMTP. So here are some rules for sending emails using SMTP, this may be useful for you while sending emails to bulk address.


Facts About Yahoomail Daily Sending Limit

1. All outbound emails are limited to 500 per day and beyond this limit you will not be able to send emails.

2. Yahoo allows you to send each email to no more than 100 recipients at a time.  

3. Each recipient of a mail is counted as an email and counted under the 500 limit. So if you send 5 emails and each mail contains 100 recipients then you reach the maximum allowed limit of 500.

These restrictions are set to protect the system from spammers. Spammers can use the free mail service to send spam mails and due to this restriction they cannot send spam emails in bulk. But can these restrictions stop the spammers from spamming your mailbox, they find their own way to spam you. 


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